Screenshot of Maths Y6 Marksheet

Screenshot of Maths Y6 Marksheet

‘School Analytics’ is a SIMS assessment system for primary schools

School Analytics is a no-fuss system of marksheets that provides a simple way of recording pupil assessment. It links to the SIMS Programme of Study marksheets to help school analyse the top-level data. It can also be used ‘stand-alone’ to provide a simple, no-fuss summative assessment system.

Integration with SIMS programme of study marksheets

The SIMS Programme of Study system allows schools to capture formative assessments quickly and easily. But schools still need to summarise the formative data to give the ‘big picture’ of pupil attainment and progress over the whole cohort – and that’s where School Analytics comes in.

Why use SIMS for assessment?

Many schools don’t get the most out of their investment in SIMS. In particular, they don’t fully utilise Assessment Manager. School Analytics is a quick to set up, ‘out of the box’ solution for schools that want to get more value from one of the most powerful school improvement tools you already have.

Watch this video demo

See how simple it is. Watch this short demo of the system:

If the demo video does not play, try this link:

For Teachers

  • School Analytics works within SIMS to provide each teacher with a set of marksheets for their classes.
  • Class teachers can easily analyse their own data as soon as it is entered
  • Show contextual data to give a wider picture of pupil vulnerabilities because multiple factors can affect attainment.
  • Builds on teachers’ existing familiarity with SIMS.
  • Easy access – if teachers already take the register in SIMS they are one click away from the School Analytics marksheets – no extra passwords or software to install.

New! Lightning Fast Analysis

School Analytics makes full use of SIMS group analysis features. Here’s an example analysis that analyses the whole year group, and each of the vulnerable group in the year, in one simple table:

An example group analysis grid

An example group analysis grid – all this data is reported in real time, with no additional data input.

For Senior Managers

  • Keep your data with the secure SIMS environment
  • No need to upload any sensitive pupil data to third party software companies
  • Integrates with other parts of SIMS – attendance, behaviour, interventions
  • SIMS is the most used pupil database in England and Wales with a massive user base

New! Reading, Writing and Maths COMBINED

Reading, writing and maths combined marksheet highlighting pupil who have 'secure' in all three measures.

Reading, writing and maths combined

Easily identify the pupils who have achieved their age related expectation (ARE) in all three subjects, combined. School Analytics now includes a set of six marksheets for Y1 to Y6 which clearly identifies pupils who have (or have not) achieved ARE. There’s no re-keying of information needed – the data flows from the original marksheet.

What it does

School Analytics provides a pre-configured set of marksheets, group analyses, tracking grids and SIMS Discover reports that work straight away ‘out of the box’.

  • No need for your staff to spend days configuring the system
  • Integrates with Capita’s Programme of Study marksheets (but can be used as a stand-alone system).
  • Summative (whole subject, end of term or half term)
  • Based on age-related expectations: Emerging, developing, secured, mastered
  • Uses traffic lights to highlight under-performance
  • Highlights ‘grades of progress’ made by individual pupils over the course of a year
  • Enter data termly or half termly – the choice is yours.
  • Contains built-in analysis via SIMS assessment manager – so you get more out of SIMS by using the advanced analysis tools it provides.


Tracking Grid showing progress of a group of pupils, term by term

4 Comments on “Features

andy millard
January 14, 2016 at 11:57 am

Hi David,
I like the look of these summary sheets, its funny i just had to manually transfer our `subject overall grades` into a marksheet to calculate the end of term data the headtecaher wanted! Can you use them to compliment the SIMs POS? And is there a way to get them to work for yrs 7-9 as well? Thank you.

January 14, 2016 at 12:15 pm

Hi Andy,

Yes and yes! I have written a special marksheet that takes all the overall grades entered into the PoS marksheets for any given term or half term and copies into the overall columns on the School Analytics marksheets. It’s just a one-click process. The same marksheets (with some minor changes) would also work fine for KS3.



Gemma Cawthorne
March 30, 2016 at 1:17 pm

Hi David,

Can you please elaborate on the below as There is no guidance from the Rochford review that helps classroom practice as yet!!! Just advises to keep using Pscales…

Many thanks

Meanwhile I’ve decided to integrate p scales in my School Analytics marksheets in response to many requests from schools who just can’t wait. The P-scales are added as a best fit under the age related expectations. Contact me for more details.

March 30, 2016 at 2:09 pm

Hi Gemma,

I’ve kept it simple and just kept using p scales. Capita’s new system allows schools to just enter P which I don’t think is useful. So School Analytics lets you enter p8, p7, p6 etc as before. The grades fit below the year 1 emerging grade with a single ‘point’ separating each one.

Kind regards, David.


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